Corporate Policy

The Integrated Management Policy was created to provide all of the services provided by Hospital Clínica Benidorm with quality standards which would guarantee the satisfaction of both its in-patients and its out-patients in an environment of sustainability and protection of and respect for the Environment.

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HOSPITAL CLINICA BENIDORM defends the obligation to guarantee the utmost privacy and security in the services it provides. Therefore, authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, availability and traceability have come to be the cornerstones of privacy and safety.

The management of GRUPO HOSPITAL CLINICA BENIDORM undertakes to take the lead and encourage all levels of security and privacy and the objectives which they themselves set down below and agree upon in a constant search for excellence in the care services where quality of service, privacy and security are one and the same thing.

  • To give the Company the material and human means necessary in order to achieve the objectives of the security policy.
  • To train and motivate the staff to ensure the maximum standards of privacy and security.
  • To establish channels of communication and participation by all the staff to achieve constant improvement in privacy and security.
  • To communicate the importance of complying with the legal requirements for handling personal information.


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Nosocomial infections constitute an important problem of public health as they are the cause of mobimortality in hospitalised patients. Because of this, the management of Hospital Clínica Benidorm have established a Plan for Prevention and Control of infections associated with Health Care to establish strategies of vigilance, prevention and necessary controls to avoid nosocomial infections in patients, family members, sanitary workers and training staff.

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