Insurers, mutuas and agreements in HCB

Grupo HCB has agreements with national and international insurers and the mutuas for accidents in the workplace. In addition, its hospitals are part of the Health Assistance Agreement for Traffic Accidents.

Each patient, no matter where they come from, will feel safe, protected and with the guarantee that the procedures between insurers and the health centre are under control.

National insurers

The HCB Hospitales Group works with the main national health insurers with important agreements covering all the patients’ health needs.

International Insurers

At HCB we seek synergies and collaborations with insurers and international companies. This is the most efficient way to achieve personalized medicine, in which the foreign patient can feel at home.

This is how HCB is positioned as a reference healthcare group for foreigners on the Costa Blanca. Because we work with all international insurers and, in addition, we have an agreement with all travel insurers.

This allows us to create a group of communications and relationships to cover any type of incident that may arise and that the patient can feel safe and protected at all times.

Mutual insurance companies for accidents at work

The HCB Benidorm and HCB Calpe centres includes occupational accidents among their services, working with the most important mutuas.

HCB Denía  Centre

Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents require quick and effective action. For this, it is necessary to have a complete 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year and an Intensive Care Unit of excellence.

The HCB Benidorm and HCB Denia hospitals are adhered to the Health Assistance Agreement (UNESPA) for Traffic Accidents, a company that represents the interests of insurance entities. This facilitates the process of action and intervention when treating an accident of this type.

All tests and information about COVID19

All the information on types of tests, prices and schedules in the HCB COVID spaces.