Nederlands Team

The Nederlands Team is the Dutch-speaking team of doctors, health workers, translators and administrative staff who work with the Dutch patients at Hospital Clínica Benidorm (Benidorm, SPAIN).

Having Dutch doctors in our medical team and working with the Dutch billing system is essential to be able to compare ourselves with a Dutch hospital.

This way of working, and the high-level qualification of Hospital Clínica Benidorm, have allowed HCB to currently offer full coverage to 65% of policyholders throughout the Netherlands, which makes it the reference hospital for Dutch patients on the Costa Blanca (Spain). HCB works exclusively with the main insurers in the Netherlands:

  • Zilveren Kruis: Zilveren Kruis, De Friesland, FBTO, Interpolis, Pro Life,
  • VGZ: VGZ, Bewuzt, IZA, IZZ, UMC, Unive, Zekur, Besured, National Academic, Promovendum, United Consumers,
  • Zorg en Zekerheid: Zorg en Zekerheid, AZVZ
  • DSW: DSW, Stad Holland, In Twente
  • ASR: ASR (De Amersfoortse + Ditzo)
  • Caresq: Aevitae

For patients insured with one of these companies, Hospital Clínica Benidorm works, at all levels, like a Dutch hospital in Spain. In addition, HCB also has agreements with other Dutch insurance companies, which allows us to provide coverage for emergencies and elective treatments to any Dutch citizen (the degree of coverage will depend on the type of policy).

Contact the Nederlands Team

You will always be attended to in Dutch.

0034 639 312 615