HCB Model for foreign patients

The location of the first HCB hospital in one of the main tourist destinations in Spain, Benidorm, its network of external centres in the main tourist enclaves of the Costa Blanca and the experience with foreign patients since 1986, have allowed the development of a unique care model fully adapted to foreign patients.

Unique services for foreign patients

The HCB model has services by nationality made up of medical, health, administrative staff and multilingual interpreters.

We have a team of interpreters and public relations that attend to the translation and accompaniment needs of foreign patients during their visit to the hospital.

The English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Arabic and Norwegian interpreters and public relations team visit hospitalized patients, outpatients and emergencies every day.

They work to respond to any request that can make the stay of our patients more pleasant and help their families and companions.

The HCB Model for foreign patients has been adapted in each of the HCB network centres, providing numerous advantages to our international patients:

  • Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Scandinavian, English and Arab specialist doctors and nursing staff.
  • The Reception and Admission Service of all HCB centres is made up of international and multilingual staff.
  • HCB has international and multilingual administrative staff.
  • International television.
  • Digitized clinical history.
  • There are no waiting lists.
  • We help our patients and companions with the procedures and stay of the trip.

Its greatest exponent is the HCB Model for Dutch patients, the Nederlands Team, a team of Dutch-speaking doctors, health workers, translators and administrative personnel who work oriented to the Dutch patient.

In addition, this own way of working focused on the needs of different nationalities, has made us a benchmark in Health Tourism. We have patient-oriented services who come to us for medical treatment and a pleasant recovery on the Costa Blanca. It is HCB’s Health and Holidays line of work.

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