HCB Benidorm launches 3T MRI: comfortable for patients and with the highest image quality on the market

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The Radiology Department at HCB Benidorm Hospital has put into operation a new Philips Ingenia Elition S 3Teslas MRI scanner which, thanks to its advanced technology, allows a higher quality of the images obtained, greater comfort for patients and new possibilities in neurofunctional studies. In short, more accurate diagnoses and a much more comfortable MRI for patients.

Image quality
The high acceleration technology of HCB Benidorm’s new MRI machine allows for a much higher spatial resolution in the same scanning time, resulting in more detailed images and greater precision.

The sharpness of the images obtained opens up new possibilities in functional studies, allowing for greater reliability in neurological and oncological diagnoses. In addition, the new machine has a unique method of acquiring brain images using magnetic resonance imaging without contrast, which facilitates these studies for both the patient and the technicians without losing resolution or reliability.

Patient comfort
One of the great advantages of the new HCB Benidorm MRI is the feeling of comfort due to several improvements incorporated:

Greater feeling of spaciousness in the tunnel. The size of the tunnel is larger and reduces the feeling of claustrophobia that many patients suffer from. In addition, its enveloping design allows a better adjustment to the anatomical area to be studied.
Noise reduction. Machine noise has been reduced by up to 80% during the process of
successive image acquisition.
– In some basic studies, test time can be reduced.
– The test is guided by a voice that indicates the duration of the scan and warns of table movements. This enhancement helps to know where the patient is in the test.
– The entire test can be performed with background music; even with the patient’s favourite

The Radiology team at HCB Benidorm, with Dr. Jaime Solaz, specialist in Radiology, as Head of Service, and its Radiology Coordinator, Gregorio Ruíz, have highlighted that “with the new MRI we will be able to work in a more efficient way, with images that allow very reliable diagnoses and, of course, improve the patient’s experience”.

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