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HCB Dénia is positioned, in just two years, as the leading private hospital in the Marina Alta and the south of Safor

The HCB Dénia Hospital celebrates its second anniversary with very positive healthcare data, new highly complex medical services, its own staff teams and an important implementation in the socio-health, sports and cultural network of the Marina Alta and the South of La Safor

On July 7, 2022, the doors of a new family-owned and managed private hospital in Dénia opened. It opened in phases, starting with outpatient consultations with the most generic specialties and the 24-hour emergency service.

Two years later, the two hospitalization floors are already operational, with peaks reaching 100% occupancy; nearly 40 medical specialties and three multidisciplinary units; medical teams of our own national and international staff; and an ICU service that, since its opening less than a year and a half ago, is the only one in private healthcare from Valencia to Benidorm.

Those responsible for HCB Dénia explain in detail the evolution of the hospital that, despite significant growth in just two years, has maintained its essence with the HCB Hospitales model, based on family values: warmth, personalization, the “human side” of Medicine and high standards of Quality and Safety.

Be more than a hospital

The Director of HCB Dénia, Ana Vasbinder, has highlighted how HCB Dénia, in its second year of life, “is more than a hospital as our slogan says ‘Perque som mes que un hospital’. In two years, we have positioned ourselves as a local institution, established in the social, cultural and business network of the Marina Alta; and we are beginning to do so in the neighbouring region of La Safor.”

In these two years, collaborations have been signed with more than 30 social, cultural and sports entities of Dénia and the Marina Alta: Local Police and National Police of Dénia, Amunt against cancer, Cerebrum, Marina Dénia, Solvida, Cuidabi, Association of Fibromyalgia, Mon Bloc, Fisiopedreguer, Dénia Barbarians Rugby Club, Dénia Tennis Club, Aehtma, Cedma, UNED Dénia and Dénia Base Football, among others.

And over the last year, agreements with companies and insurance companies to treat foreign patients have been revalidated. The greatest examples of this are the enormous reception of patients from the Irish Health waiting lists and the expansion of the Nederlands Team at HCB Dénia with the incorporation of Dr. Lukas Kleijn, a specialist in orthopaedic surgery.


“But the most important thing in this second year, and for many more to come, is that the contracts obtained in the first year have been maintained and, in some cases, expanded; unequivocal sign that things are working well between HCB Dénia and Marina Alta. We are no longer outsiders, not even for foreigners. We already form a part of the area and that is noticeable and appreciated,” said Ana Vasbinder.


For his part, the Managing Director, Adolfo Vanaclocha, has provided new data on the growth and implementation of the HCB Dénia hospital, whose objective is to expand and improve healthcare in the Marina Alta and the south of Safor.


“At HCB Dénia we want to complement the region’s portfolio of healthcare services so that its residents do not have to travel to Valencia or Alicante. We do this through an offer of Quality services and with differentiating professionals, who provide new services and benefits in the region and, in addition, who have ties or live in the area and therefore know their patients better and can be closer to them,” explained Adolfo Vanaclocha.


HCB Dénia data since its opening

  • During these two years the hospital has attended more than 80,000 specialty consultations and performed more than 40,000 imaging tests.
  • The Emergency Service has attended to 20,000 cases and more than 3,000 patients have been hospitalized.
  • The ICU has had more than 2,000 stays, while 4,000 surgical interventions have been performed in the operating rooms.
  • HCB Dénia has also become part of the hospital network for the surgical shock plan of the Ministry of Health.
  • And it has increased its list of insurers – such as the recent agreement with Adeslas – and agreements with mutual insurance companies for sports and work accidents, such as Umivale, Ibermutua, MC Mutual, etc.


ICU, own staff and complex specialties

HCB Dénia continues to be the only private hospital with an ICU in the area, which allows it to offer more therapeutic possibilities and a better level of care for seriously ill patients. A differentiating fact that makes it a reference centre in private healthcare in both the Marina Alta and the south of La Safor.


Medical Director and Head of Surgery at HCB Hospitals, Dr. Antonio Alberola, has highlighted other differentiating aspects such as “the incorporation of complex specialties such as Neurosurgery, Neurophysiology or Digestive Medicine; as well as multidisciplinary units for the treatment of Obesity, the approach and treatment of Pain and the implementation of the HCB Dental service.


Dr. Alberola added that “it is also important to have top-level staff specialists in services such as Radio diagnosis, Cardiology, Traumatology, Internal Medicine or Gynaecology.”

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